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NextPhase Recruiting is one of the Silicon Valley's most trusted and accomplished recruiting firms. We provide the strongest talent for every organization we help - from start-ups to Fortune 500's. We work hard to give our clients deeply specialized, full service recruiting results from one source. Most of all, we proactively seek better employment solutions to help ensure our client's recruiting success.

Our mission is to recruit excellent candidates for exceptional companies.

NextPhase Recruiting makes teams and companies stronger by connecting them to top-level people. Through superior level service, talented and qualified candidates, and a commitment to long-term relationships, we provide deep specialization in core areas for complete recruiting across the California Bay Area.

What We Value

  • Relationships
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Respectability
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Inclusivity
  • Life Balance
  • Success
  • Time
  • Fun



So you've received funding, are too busy to breathe, and need talent...fast.

Well, when it comes to NextPhase Recruiting, our talent scouts are among the best in the biz. That's because they don't just match bullet points on a resumé with IT job requirements. Our technical talent scouts dig deeper to make sure that we connect you with the right individual.

That means we not only provide access to some of the most highly sought after pros around, we also know if they'd be the right fit for your organization and its culture.

How do we do it? By having a detailed conversation with you and really listening. We get to know you and your company culture first. That way, we find the best talent fit for your needs. Bottom line, we don't just fill the job, we advocate the experience and exciting potential that your company has to offer.

Job Seekers

Are you a passionate, motivated, highly talented and seasoned professional in the technology industry?

Today's technology company demands the best and the brightest professionals to drive their growth and success. From the executive level down to individual contributors, NextPhase Recruiting connects top talent across the Silicon Valley with the hottest emerging and high growth technology startups and companies. We work on behalf of our clients and recruiting partners to create the perfect match between the professionals we find and the teams we build, creating mutually beneficial relationships that flourish in the long term and drive success for all involved. Our team of technical recruiters works to understand where you came from in your career, identifies what you are looking for in the future, and presents ideal opportunities for you to succeed and make a true impact in your work. We work with promising startups and established industry names in the technology world, and have the opportunities that you seek in your next career move. So whether you are testing the waters, looking discreetly, or are fully engulfed in your job search, we want to hear from you!

Submit your resume to contact@nextphaserecruiting.com to learn about new opportunities!

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NextPhase Recruiting is dedicated to driving continued success within the technology world by connecting the right talent with the right companies. As the prime search firm in the Silicon Valley, we go to great lengths to recruit today's top performers and create the perfect match for both a client and candidate. We are a leader in the recruiting industry, and look forward to serving you!